20 thoughts on “Culinary Labs

  1. This is an awesome website. Very informative. Recipes from various regions of the world. Also the article on yeast is educative. Please add more of those. All the best.


  2. Hi…
    I am new in baking…but I really like ur baking stuff…I do follow ur recipes..so keep baking and posting as it really helps amature people like me..thanks


  3. Awesome blog by an awesome person….Who is indeed a big motivation to all chota bakers like me…U r an inspiration to all.keep on posting such innovative recipes


  4. Pradeepaji…. following your recipes for some time now…. you have indeed motivated many to take up baking.
    I have a query – inspite of following each recipe properly , the breads and buns still do not come out as soft and spongy as the bakery made ones…. is the difference due to the OTGs we use or do they add something extra….. thanks in advance


    1. Thanks Nupur. Yes bakeries do add lpt of bread improvers, chemicals, emulsifiers, gluten etc. Ours are natural without any preservatives or added chemicals. To thoda bahut difference zaroor hoga..But with practice n proper kneading, good yeast and good know how of oven temperature and time, we can bake pretty good breads n buns.


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